Eyes and Brows

Questions & Answers

"Do I have to shave my eyebrows?

NO! I actually prefer you let your eyebrow hair grow out (no threading/waxing) before the appointment.​​​

"How long does it take to heal?"​​​

Usually about 2 weeks but it varies from person to person.​

"Is it permanent?"​

Yes, It is called "permanent makeup" and is like a tattoo but may require more touch-ups than a tattoo.​

"Is it a tattoo?"​

Read above^^^​

"Do you wax/thread them​?"

No. However, after I create a shape you're happy with I do get rid of the excess hair.

"Do you work on top of previously done eyebrows?"

Yes, but go to my "styles & pricing" section for more info on that. ​

​"Do you do removal/color lifting?"​​

No, but I have someone I can recommend you to.​

"Do you do referral discounts?"​

GIRL, YES. The more appointments you get me, the bigger the discounts on touch-ups you get.​

"Does it hurt?"​

I use a topical numbing cream (unless you're allergic to Lidocaine). My clients tell me it feels like a pinch when the numbing starts to wear off. When you start to feel it, I add more numbing, however pain varies from person to person.  

"Can you have this done if you have cancer / diabetes / an abnormal heart condition?"​

Yes, but before I do anything I need a written doctors note with approval.​

"Can you have this done while pregnant / breast feeding?"​